Friday, April 6, 2018

Sea shells


Have you ever noticed the beautiful textures sea shells have?

Maybe that's why people collect them when they go beach combing.

I am fascinated by the different textures that are seen in nature. In my jewelry I try to enhance the textures and colors of the object to make people see it in a different way. 

Did you see this piece of jewelry as a sea shell when you first look at it?

It is.



Cut coral with texture silver strip sides, pounded texture on top and tube set blue topaz through the coral.

$ 475.00

This is a piece of coral that I cut in half and separated them with hammered silver strips. The hammered silver strips are also on each side of the coral. There are 3 cubic zirconium tube set , 1 at the top and the other 2 at the bottom of the coral pieces.

Shell with formed wire sides  with tube set aqua marine.
2  1/4" long     and     1  1/2" wide


                                              Cut shell with silver wave forms on side.
                                                             Tube set blue topaz.
                                                          1  1/2" long and 5/8" wide

                                   $84.00                                   $84.00


                                  $84.00                                         $84.00

                                     $84.00                                     $84.00

                                           $92.00                                      $100.00