Friday, May 2, 2014

Sea Glass



This necklace is  made with real sea glass not tumbled. It is bezel set with a textured silver tube for the chain to go though. The chain is blackened and aqua Swarovski crystals on each side of the pendent. Hanging form the bottom is three decorative beads. Then hanging from those is a textured piece of silver with a piece of abalone riveted to it.  It is an 18" chain, The pendent hangs down 2" and is 1" wide.


Sterling silver box is 1 1/4th in. tall, 3/4 in. wide and 1/4 in, deep. The necklace it self is 3/4 in. taller including the top pebbles and silver strips.
I hand textured all the sides of the box to resemble water bubbles. The box is framed with twisted wire. Inside the box are pebbles and a piece of sea glass.


The hand cut bird and branches are riveted onto the sea glass. I had to drill holes into the sea glass to put the silver wires that were soldered on the back of the bird and branches. It is bezel set with silver wire and tubing at the top. The chain goes through the silver tubing. 

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