Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pebble Series

Pebble Series

$80.00 ( size 5)

This ring is made with a Sterling Silver textured and slightly domed circle. A pebble with a hole in it sets in the dome. A sterling silver flower bead sets over the hole and is riveted onto the dome. The band is also textured with small lines.


Three black pebbles with sterling silver wire wrapped at the top and swirled at the bottom. A sliver bead is at the base of the pebbles.



These earrings are made of sterling silver wire that has been shaped into an "S" shape. Black pebbles are at the bottom with a silver bead in the drilled hole.


This necklace is made of sterling silver, abalone, and pebbles. It was inspired by the way
water flows. The center piece is textured to resemble the wave and bubbles found in water.
The pebbles hang from the bottom of the center piece. It hangs from a piece of silver twisted like a wave with two pebbles on each side.


This necklace is a piece of reticulated sterling silver with a peridot swarvoski crystal is set into a hole. At the bottom is a wire that holds 3 pebbles it is curved around a jump ring. The curved tubing at the top has the chain going through it. On both sides of the chain there are peridot swarvoski crystals and small pebbles in between each crystal. This pattern only goes up the chain for a small distance. 
Chain is 16 "


Side view

                                  Front view                                                Back view


All sides of this necklace is textured to represent water and the beaded silver wire represents bubbles in the water. Also the top pieces is textured with dots to again represent bubbles. Inside the box are pebbles and one sea shell.  Box measures 1 1/4 " long, 5/8 " wide and 3/8 " deep. 
Chain is 16"


Pebble with a hand drilled hole with a tube set blue topaz in the middle. At the top is a curved tube that holds the chain. It is attached to a textured U shaped piece of sterling which is riveted to the pebble.


This is a large pebble that I riveted the bird and branch onto, The bird wing is also riveted 
on, It hangs from a silver round wire that is soldered onto a curved tube.

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