Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feather Series

My feather pieces are made with sterling silver. The feathers are from my sister in laws pet parrots. I cover the feathers with glass to enhance their colors and textures. I texture the silver and then cut the birds out by hand. Beads and or pebbles are also added to some of them.

                                      $250.00                                                      $150.00
                          This has an embossed                         This is a parrot feather under glass
                        feather in the frame and                        set in a fancy bezel. It hangs from a
                         a parrot feather under                        a silver branch with a bird sitting on it,
                          glass  hanging down                    


This locket can be worn in two ways. First with the embossed feather showing.
It latches on top of the feather and branches. It has the latches at the top and at
the bottom. It is secured by pushing the hinge over the ball.
You can also wear it with the parrot feather showing. It is bezel set with glass over the top.
Silver branches are set on the sides of the feather.


I hand cut the bird and branches out of the top piece of silver and cut the circle at the 
right out as well. There is a space between the two pieces of silver. The bottom pieces 
holds a small red parrot feather that is bezel set with a glass cabochon over it.

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