Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keum Boo


Keum-boo (also Kum-Boo or Kum-bu — Korean "attached gold") is an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver, to make silver-gilt. Traditionally, this technique is accomplished by first depleting the surface of sterling silver to bring up a thin layer of fine silver. 

 Here I melted silver into a ball , then hammered it flat and coined the edges. The center piece is a domed circle with the gold foil and a gold citrine tube set in the middle. I textured the large coined silver piece with a "pave' " tool and added the gold all around the edge. It hangs from a silver wire and a silver curved tube.




These earrings are made of sterling silver . They start as a long flat rectangle that is hammered to the fan shape. Then I put the 24 caret gold on the top. I used liver of sulfur for the patina.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feather Series

My feather pieces are made with sterling silver. The feathers are from my sister in laws pet parrots. I cover the feathers with glass to enhance their colors and textures. I texture the silver and then cut the birds out by hand. Beads and or pebbles are also added to some of them.

                                      $250.00                                                      $150.00
                          This has an embossed                         This is a parrot feather under glass
                        feather in the frame and                        set in a fancy bezel. It hangs from a
                         a parrot feather under                        a silver branch with a bird sitting on it,
                          glass  hanging down                    


This locket can be worn in two ways. First with the embossed feather showing.
It latches on top of the feather and branches. It has the latches at the top and at
the bottom. It is secured by pushing the hinge over the ball.
You can also wear it with the parrot feather showing. It is bezel set with glass over the top.
Silver branches are set on the sides of the feather.


I hand cut the bird and branches out of the top piece of silver and cut the circle at the 
right out as well. There is a space between the two pieces of silver. The bottom pieces 
holds a small red parrot feather that is bezel set with a glass cabochon over it.



The 3 birds are hand cut from Sterling silver. Seven silver wires are soldered to the back of the birds and branches. Seven holes where drilled into the pebble so the wires and birds could be riveted to the pebble. This is how they are attached into a bezel set. A parrot feather that is bezel set with a glass cabochon over it and is hanging from the bottom.

$ 96.00

These earrings are pounded sterling silver discs. They start out as rectangular and are pounded into circles. There are 3 silver balls at the bottom.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pebble Series

Pebble Series

$80.00 ( size 5)

This ring is made with a Sterling Silver textured and slightly domed circle. A pebble with a hole in it sets in the dome. A sterling silver flower bead sets over the hole and is riveted onto the dome. The band is also textured with small lines.


Three black pebbles with sterling silver wire wrapped at the top and swirled at the bottom. A sliver bead is at the base of the pebbles.



These earrings are made of sterling silver wire that has been shaped into an "S" shape. Black pebbles are at the bottom with a silver bead in the drilled hole.


This necklace is made of sterling silver, abalone, and pebbles. It was inspired by the way
water flows. The center piece is textured to resemble the wave and bubbles found in water.
The pebbles hang from the bottom of the center piece. It hangs from a piece of silver twisted like a wave with two pebbles on each side.


This necklace is a piece of reticulated sterling silver with a peridot swarvoski crystal is set into a hole. At the bottom is a wire that holds 3 pebbles it is curved around a jump ring. The curved tubing at the top has the chain going through it. On both sides of the chain there are peridot swarvoski crystals and small pebbles in between each crystal. This pattern only goes up the chain for a small distance. 
Chain is 16 "


Side view

                                  Front view                                                Back view


All sides of this necklace is textured to represent water and the beaded silver wire represents bubbles in the water. Also the top pieces is textured with dots to again represent bubbles. Inside the box are pebbles and one sea shell.  Box measures 1 1/4 " long, 5/8 " wide and 3/8 " deep. 
Chain is 16"


Pebble with a hand drilled hole with a tube set blue topaz in the middle. At the top is a curved tube that holds the chain. It is attached to a textured U shaped piece of sterling which is riveted to the pebble.


This is a large pebble that I riveted the bird and branch onto, The bird wing is also riveted 
on, It hangs from a silver round wire that is soldered onto a curved tube.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spinner Rings Series (also known as Meditation Rings)


$125.00 size 7

This spinner ring is textured sterling silver with flared edges. The spinners are sterling silver, middle one is twisted wire. A copper circle with a silver ball is in the center.


This is a small sterling silver spinner necklace. The ring is textured sterling silver with flared edges. The spinners are copper wire and twisted sterling silver wire.

This spinner ring is textured sterling silver with the center band being hammered silver and brass beads around the outside.

I can custom make these

Stacking them up

These are called "Stacking Rings". They are meant to be worn all together on one finger.
I recently learned how to do " Flush Setting". It is when you set a rhinestone into the metal so it sets flush with the top of the metal.

These rings are made with textured wire, beaded wire and twisted wire. There is a silver circle on each one that holds a rhinestone. The top one has a garnet, the second has a sapphire, and the bottom one has a cubic zircon in it.

$210.00 together size 8

I can custom make these.