Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Commission Pieces

 Meaning of Life Bracelets

New off the work bench are these 2 personalized bracelets with meaningful words stamped in each
 bead. "Family" "Love" "Joy" "Blessed" "Laugh" "Live" along with grandkids names and dogs names.
 I also stamped "Family and Love" with the tree of life. Joy, Blessed, Live, and Laugh with a heart. Grandkids with a hand print and dogs with a paw print. They are on leather cording with sterling end caps 

            Commissioned  Engagement ring for a former student.

He wanted turquoise for the stone because they are both Native American's. He bought a turquoise nugget that I had to grind down to set in the ring. His design idea was to have the band start with two wires that then become one. This represents them as two people becoming one in marriage. The two bands come from the center of the stone, which becomes one at the same point the two started. The two bands make a sideways heart, making their love unite around their heritage.

Commissioned piece for a women in Florida.

 She wanted a "midi ring". ( ring that sits on the middle knuckle). She wanted a snake texture on the head and body, with nose holes, line for the mouth and garnet eyes. She wanted it to wrap around her finger, head up, tail down.

This is what I made.

My husband wanted a Skull Ring.

I didn't make that this time but he liked what I did make.
Key Chain

 I made this for husband's birthday so it's not for sale. I would take orders for similar ones. The house key I had made at Home Depot. It is a brass backing with skull and knives cut out of sterling silver. The diamond is done with a flush setting .

Daughter's friend lives in UK but misses Colorado.

This necklace was made for my daughters' best friend in high school. When she was married she, her husband and their first child moved to England for his job. They have been there for at least 4 years and she misses the mountains and Colorado a lot. She mentions every time I speak to her. So I made this as a surprise gift from my heart. The back range of mountains are copper to represent Red Rocks, The front range is just for the mountains in general, the branch for all the aspens and the moon is a zirconium crystal. I hope she likes it.

One of my Grandson's love for Nature was shared with me.
Yes indeed, I received the gift of a Snake Skin.

He wanted me to create something with the snakes head skin. I used silver wire to create snakes that are at the top, and sides. The snake skin head is bezel set with a piece of plastic on top.

This is a detail of the silver wire snake that is on the top of the pendent.

The older grandson likes bracelets so I bezel set a piece of the snake skin with a piece of glass over the top. There are a silver wire snake on each side that hold the leather cording in place for the macramé band. It has a slip tie at the back with tan pebbles on each side.

This is a detail of the snake skin and sterling silver wire snakes holding the leather cording.

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