Thursday, April 18, 2013

Father, Daughter's Infinite Love

   A father and daughter passed a polished rock between them when one was absent from the other, so they could feel the presence of the other. This was a tradition from the time the daughter was very young and didn't like her father going away ( business trips). Now the daughter is graduating from High School and going away to college. Her father came to me and asked if I could cut the rock in half and design brackets for both of them using the stones as the center piece. I took to the drawing board after I was able to cut the stone in half. He liked the idea of texture on the bands, and wanted them to be alike.I liked the idea of the infinity  signs to represent their infinite love. He wanted the rock to be set with prongs instead of a bezel. I felt that the daughters bracelet should be more feminine so I added the curved end on the prongs. He liked the ideas that I presented so I began the work. I also presented the idea of a word or saying to be stamped on the inside of the band. He liked "FOREVER". I just really was touched by the story behind the polished stone and I hope they love what I created for them.


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