Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Double sided pendants



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$350.00   SOLD

This is a piece of landscape jasper that I drilled holes in
and then riveted small silver birds to the front of the stone. 
I hand cut the birds and textured them. It is hung from a 
curved pieces of tubing. There is a round textured wire
that is in between the piece and the tubing. On top of the tubing is a tube set 3mm fire citrine. I also set one on the other side 
because this pendant can be worn with birds showing or
the tree and roots showing. I also wanted it to look like there was
light shining through the leaves, so I drilled holes for small
silver wire to be set in those.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Sea shells


Have you ever noticed the beautiful textures sea shells have?

Maybe that's why people collect them when they go beach combing.

I am fascinated by the different textures that are seen in nature. In my jewelry I try to enhance the textures and colors of the object to make people see it in a different way. 

Did you see this piece of jewelry as a sea shell when you first look at it?

It is.


Cut coral with texture silver strip sides, pounded texture on top and tube set blue topaz through the coral.

$ 475.00

This is a piece of coral that I cut in half and separated them with hammered silver strips. The hammered silver strips are also on each side of the coral. There are 3 cubic zirconium tube set , 1 at the top and the other 2 at the bottom of the coral pieces.

Shell with formed wire sides  with tube set aqua marine.
2  1/4" long     and     1  1/2" wide

                                              Cut shell with silver wave forms on side.
                                                             Tube set blue topaz.
                                                          1  1/2" long and 5/8" wide


                                   $84.00                                   $84.00


                                  $84.00                                         $84.00

                                     $84.00                                     $84.00

                                           $84.00                                      $100.00



Monday, March 6, 2017



           $ 200.00  SOLD

The black oval is painted bone. I drilled a hole in the bottom to tube set a garnet and 2 tube set citrines on either side. The bone is prong set with another tube set citrine at the top.Two curved flat wires with a tube that holds another piece of wire that the chain is attached to.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Charm necklaces

 This is my grandma necklace with all 8 of my grandchildren on it. I feel them close to my heart every time I wear it and feel the LOVE.

Charm necklaces are meant to honor children, grandchildren, or even family pets. They are custom made with the names and birthstones of the person you are honoring.
They are sterling silver and hand stamped with the names or words you want on them. The birthstones are Swarovski crystals.
$65.00 for the larger circle, small charm, crystal, and either 16" or 18" sterling silver chain.
Additional charms are $10.00 with crystal.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wrap bracelets


These are the new feather buttons that I have on my work bench. They will all become wrap bracelets. Choose one for own custom made bracelet.

Feather Button Wrap Bracelets
I have recently started making buttons with a feather under glass. The feathers are from my sister in laws parrots. They are from two African Grays and a Blue Headed Amazon parrot. I cut the circle from the feather and place it into the bezel I make out of sterling silver, then put the glass on top of it and push the bezel over the glass. These are five wraps. I will be making more but you can contact me to make a custom one for you.


These are some of the different buttons I make for my bracelets. They are textured and made out of sterling silver.




Monday, January 12, 2015

Lace series





This is a piece of lace that is under glass. It has a decorative bezel that surrounds the glass. It hangs from a textured tube. The pearl chain goes through the tubing and is connected with patina silver chain.

Chain is 34"
I can costume make this with a memorable piece of lace. ie wedding lace.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Sea Glass



This necklace is  made with real sea glass not tumbled. It is bezel set with a textured silver tube for the chain to go though. The chain is blackened and aqua swarovski crystals on each side of the pendent. Hanging form the bottom is three decorative beads. Then hanging from those is a textured piece of silver with a piece of abalone riveted to it.  It is an 18" chain, The pendent hangs down 2" and is 1" wide.